Bringing you the flavours of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia

The Flavours of Southeast Asia await you at Lion City

The next time you're in the mood for something a little different for lunch or dinner, go Southeast Asian!

Lilian Ow at Lion City Restaurant
Lion City is the only restaurant in the Greater Toronto Area that is Singaporean owned and operated that offers authentic Singaporean cuisine -- brought to you by Lilian Ow, a chef from Singapore with 40 years experience, cooking teacher, and writer of 5 cook books.

Specializing in Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian and Thai cuisine, Lion City's menu features delicious dishes created with a special attention to authentic Eastern blends, as well as several mouth watering original recipes many of which were featured at the Singapore film festival

Lion City Restaurant has been in business for 18+ years!

The kitchen at Lion City Many well known dishes include: Lion City's famous authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice most popular among customers. The savoury Mango Salad, a favourite of Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion; And the unique and authentic dish, Yee Sang (Raw Fish) salad is especially prepared during the Chinese New Year celebrations